Links and Resources Required for Teaching this Unit:

1. Wall Street Journal Article (we will read full version via my subscription):
[[ |Shift in BMW advertising]]

2. Joy is BMW website: JOY IS BMW

3. Defining advertising terms A-M: Definitions A-M

4. Defining advertising terms P-W: Definitions P-W

6. Voice Thread assessment: Pathos & Advertising as Argument Assessment

7. Student made video advertising using pathos, ethos, logos:

8. Vintage print advertisements:

9. Geico caveman TV advertisement:

10. Create a multimedia poster:

11. Example of glogster for project:

12. Beyonce's American Express commercial:

13. Video that defines and explains metalanguage of persuasive techniques: Art of Persuasion

14. Tim Tebow SuperBowl Commercial:


Considine, M. (2007). Through the wringer: teaching social values with print media. Screen Education, (45), 92-97.

Solomon, G., & Schrum L. (2007). Web 2.0: new tools, new schools. Eugene, OR: International Society for Technology in Education.