Voice Thread Instructions
Analyzing a Print Advertisement

Directions: You are responsible to visiting www.voicethread.com and commenting on one of the World War II ads posted. Below you will see the advertisements available for comment, instructions on how to get to the Voice Thread site on which the assignment is posted, the questions you must answer, and directions for posting your comments.

You must comment on one of these ads from World War II:

How to get there:
1. Type http://voicethread.com/#u947511.b1207960.i6513856 in to your url or click on the link available at my website. You will need to create a password to log in to the voice thread website in the future.

What to do when you get there:
1. Listen to my instructions which are posted on this Ad ONLY:
I will also mention some background information on WWII and helpful hints/reminders that will help you analyze your ad, so be sure not to skip these instructions!

2. Choose the ad on which you are going to comment and respond to the questions asked.

Questions to answer:
1. Does this ad make you feel anything?
- If so, what emotion(s) do you experience when you look at this ad?

2. What emotion(s) do you think the advertisers wanted their audience to feel?

3. What is the ad's main argument?

4. What persuasive strategy or strategies does this ad use to convince their audience?

5. Why do you think this ad would or would not have been effective?

Be sure to support your analysis by including information from our television unit. (How do framing, lighting, angle, etc. work in creating pathos and supporting the argument?) Use some of our advertising vocabulary as well.

How to post your comment:
1. Select the ad on which you will comment. Be sure NOT to comment on the BMW ad or the ad on which I have posted the instructions for this assignment.
2. Click on the "comment" button.
3. Click on one of the options available for recording your comment. If the computer you are using has a microphone, click "record" and simply say your comment into the microphone. If your computer has a webcam, click on the option that looks like a video camera to record your comment. If your computer has neither a microphone or a webcam, please call in your answers by clicking the option that looks like a telephone. DO NOT type your answer. You will have access to computers at school that will allow you to complete this assignment without typing it.
4. Hit "save" when you have created a comment you are confident in posting.

Remember to speak clearly. Listen to your comment before you post it. If you can not understand yourself, I won't be able to understand you either. If I cannot understand your post I cannot give you a grade.

E-mail me if you have any questions BEFORE the assignment is due.

Have fun! :)